Why Static Sites Are a Good Fit for Small Businesses

By: Daniel C.
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If you’re looking to get online but don’t have the time or resources to build an extensive and complex website, a static site might be for you. Static sites are performant and secure. Because they load faster than dynamic sites, they also improve your search engine ranking.

The basics of static sites

When you’re starting a new business or are already established, you want to focus on one thing only: your customers. That’s what static sites are for.

Static sites are search engine friendly because they only have to serve one version of every page from files and images which are already created. Static sites don’t need to generate a different version of the same page for every single person who visits your website and don’t rely on a database to store content.

Focus on your customers, not your technology

Static sites are great because they are secure, faster to load, and don’t require any database management. A static site is an excellent choice for startups or businesses where the content is all about the customer and not really about the technology. When you choose a site with Deep Space Digital Marketing Group, we focus on perfecting your website and online presence. As a result, you spend less time worrying about technology and more time creating, developing, and promoting your business.

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Loved by search engines

If you have too much dynamic content on your website, search engines like Google don’t really know how to index it correctly. This can hurt your SEO. For example, if every time the search engine crawls your site, it gets a little bit different, it will not know how to index your site correctly.

On the other hand, static sites are SEO-friendly because the site structure and content remain the same. This is what search engines are optimized for; to crawl and catalog content. By launching a site with Deep Space, you can make sure that your search engine optimization is constantly relevant.

Static sites make for a great starting point for any business

Static sites are a great way to get online quickly but still have a professional presence. They are simple to use and fast, which is why they work so well for small businesses. With Deep Space Digital Marketing Group, we will ensure your site is always well designed, secure, optimized for SEO, and easy to use for your visitors.

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